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The UK’s most trusted supplier of animal beddings, with more than 40 years experience of the dairy industry. We offer consistent pricing, outstanding service and the widest range of products on the market.

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Our range of products

We carry the widest range of bedding products on the market, ensuring we can offer you the best bedding within your budget.


Consistent pricing

Our prices are competitive and remain consistent throughout the year, so you always know where you stand.


Flexible nationwide delivery

Our access to a fleet of 100 plus walking floors and rigid tippers means we can get your bedding to you how you want, wherever you are in the UK.


Excellent customer service

We pride ourselves on offering a professional yet friendly service to ensure farmers return to us year after year.


True to our word

We will never lie to you to make a sale. We give you honest advice and deliver what we promise.


We know your business

As an ex-dairy farmer, founder and owner Neil Whittaker knows what farmers want.

Our Animal Bedding

Cattle Bedding Products

Cattle Bedding

Our years of experience in the industry have led us to develop the widest range.

Cattle Bedding Products

Equine Bedding

Looking for bedding for your horses? We can supply top quality, dust extracted baled shavings..

Cattle Bedding Products

Poultry Bedding

Keep your poultry problem free, clean and hygenic with our commercial poultry bedding

What farmers say about us...

Neil is always available to chat things through and makes sure we get a great service.

A Cheshire Dairy Farmer

NW Resources understand what farmers need and look for bedding that will suit each individual farm. Neil always takes the time to listen and makes sure he gets back to me whenever I call.

A Scottish Dairy Farmer

Neil’s prices are always competitive and he has a wide range of bedding products to choose from. His customer service is first class.

Long-standing Customer & Dairy Farmer

Our Story

With a background as a farmer, Neil Whittaker set up NW Resources in 2006 to supply bedding products for dairy cattle across the UK. Since then he has expanded to also supply dust extracted shavings for horses and bio-secure bedding for poultry.

Neil Whittaker

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Common questions from farmers...

Here are just a few of our most frequently asked questions, you can see the rest of them here

What’s the best product for me?

All the sawdust products we supply vary in particle size and moisture content so it will depend on your needs and preferences. Call us and we can talk you through the benefits of each to find one that suits your

What’s your most popular product?

It’s very much a farmer’s personal preference. Some buy to budget. Others might be in a more exposed area and need a product which will stay on the bed in windy conditions. We aim to stock a bedding to suit everyone’s needs.

Should I see samples?

We will send you a sample first so you are sure it’s what you want. We are always happy to send out samples of sawdust products free of charge.

Why would I want a sawdust with more moisture in it?

Bedding products with a higher moisture content such as home grown sawdust will be less dusty than drier sawdusts and more likely to stay on the beds longer.

What’s your cheapest sawdust?

Usually products with higher moisture content such as bulk home grown, but it also depends on your location.