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What’s the best product for me?

All the sawdust products we supply vary in particle size and moisture content so it will depend on your needs and preferences. Call us and we can talk you through the benefits of each to find one that suits your

What’s your most popular product?

It’s very much a farmer’s personal preference. Some buy to budget. Others might be in a more exposed area and need a product which will stay on the bed in windy conditions. We aim to stock a bedding to suit everyone’s needs.

Should I see samples?

We will send you a sample first so you are sure it’s what you want. We are always happy to send out samples of sawdust products free of charge.

Why would I want a sawdust with more moisture in it?

Bedding products with a higher moisture content such as home grown sawdust will be less dusty than drier sawdusts and more likely to stay on the beds longer.

What’s your cheapest sawdust?

Usually products with higher moisture content such as bulk home grown, but it also depends on your location.

Have you got a sawdust that can help with mastitis?

If you are seeing an increase in mastitis we would recommend trying easicattle, which is a manufactured from clean recycled wood fibre. The bedding is treated with an organic additive and many farmers have reported seeing a decrease in mastitis when using easicattle, although no tests have been done to prove this.

Which is the most absorbent sawdust?

There are many factors affecting absorbency including the type of mats used and whether farmers prefer dusty or non dusty bedding. Bulk kiln dry and fine sawdust have a finer particle size and are absorbent but other beddings such as easicattle also have good absorbency.

How will my sawdust be delivered?

We offer various delivery options nationwide including single pallets and full loads delivered on artics, rigid tippers and walking floors.

Can I try a product before buying a full load?

The majority of our sawdusts are available on single pallets of 32-54 bales or bags so you can try it before committing yourself to a full load.

Do your sawdusts work with slurry and slat systems?

Yes all our products work with slurry and slat systems.

What do I do if I’m interested in buying from you?

Give us a call so we can chat through your requirements and send out samples and prices for the products we recommend. Once you have received the samples we will call you to see which you prefer and take your order for the delivery. If you are still not sure you can try the majority of the products by ordering a single pallet before committing to a full load.

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